Nokia 3310 3G Blue Deals from major UK Networks and Dealers

Nokia 3310 3G Blue

Nokia 3310 3G Blue

Editor Review -

The new Nokia 3310 takes the shape of the classic original, and revamps the functionality for 2017. Now available in a range of vibrant colours, and featuring a 2.4 inch full-colour display, the redesigned Nokia 3310 is budget-friendly perfection.All your favourite 3310 features are present-and-correct. We’re talking about that epic battery life, physical keyboard, easy-to-use functionality, and of course the ability to withstand the drops and knocks of everyday use. And let’s not forget the classic Snake game too.New additions to the 3310 include a micro-USB port for quick and simple charging, and a micro-SD slot to expand storage. The new Nokia 3310 also arrives with a 2MP camera, so you won’t be caught short during those surprise photo opportunities.

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